Guide to Raspberry Pi Image Download via Windows

The operating system that you need running on the Raspberry Pi needs to be installed via the SD card. So if you vote goes to Raspberry Pi Image Download, here is how it goes through the Windows. As using the Raspbian image in the start of the Raspberry Pi work is better than attempts on any other operating systems, read on for the complete learning of the steps and making a good start to your projects.

Raspberry Pi Image Download

Install Raspberry Pi Image

Raspbian image or Raspberry image is the file which you need downloading onto the SD card in turn of the use to boot your Raspberry Pi model. In fact, it makes run via APC and functioning the Raspbian operating system. And as there is the option for Raspbian images from the Raspberry Pi Foundation itself, our recommendation too goes with that as expecting the best match for the Raspberry Pi users. But remember that, both Raspbian project and the Pi foundation are going with the different setting, which makes us not to forget that downloading Raspberry Pi Image is happening through the official Raspberry Pi download page.

Raspberry Pi Image Download

As stated, you can find the most fitting official image files to the operating system going with the official Raspberry Pi website or else the third party providers. It comes in the zip file format which you then have to unzip to get the image install on the SD card prepared by yourself. So how to Write the Image to the SD card?

The process of installation works through Windows, Mac OS and also Linux. So here is how it runs on Windows.

Note before writing an Image to the SD Card:

With a reliable Image writing tool support, you could install the file downloaded to the SD card. So here, Etcher is our recommendation as a graphical SD card writing tool supports all Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. And with its user supportive interface and ability to write images directly from the zip format with no compulsorily unzipping, it has become the option for most in this case.

Raspberry Pi Image Download

The step guide will show the alternative Win32DiskImager on Windows.

  • Insert the SD card to the reader
  • Then check the drive letter coming as “G:” (either uses SD card slot or a different adapter via USB port)
  • “Win32DiskImager” needs to be downloaded as a zip file to run with the USB drive
  • Extract the zip file
  • Right click and run the extracted file with administrator rights
  • Wait and choose the extracted image file
  • Select the related drive letter of the SD card
  • Then give command to “Write” and let the process continue
  • Eject the SD card with proper exit the imager once did

raspberry pro

Raspberry Pi Image Download is preferred by the advanced user while a majority now moves to the NOOBS way. So if you think my update here in related to Windows is up to the satisfaction, do not forget to share and make a comment about your own experience with the processing.


Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ for the Minimalist User

Model A+ was introduced to Pi Generation as the low-cost variant. It came around November 2014, replacing the previous “A” model inheriting a number of attractive changes. It comes with an application processor of BCM2835 but in a smaller size with less power consumption. So in all side considering, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ can be recommended for the minimalist user with balanced features and affordable price too. If you feel interested in knowing all specifications of the product, read on.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Why Raspberry Pi 1 Model A +?

This Pi updated in “A” board has notable changes. In fact, it is less in power consuming yet with smart price level too. So the build of Raspberry Pi Model A + is to give the user a lighter effect at the same time which gives a fine support to the Pi operating system and software. So here I have picked some of the notable features in Pi 1 A+ Model, which would be important knowing to go on functioning. Take a quick look on these.

  • Balanced power consumption- As a favorable feature in the Model A+, Power consumption can be mentioned. In fact, it has balanced between 0.5W and 1W with the changes in linear regulators which can lead fine projects
  • GPIO improvements- The GPIO header of the Pi 1 Model A+ has built up to 40 pins when the pinout for the first 26 pins are in order of the Model A and B
  • Audio in rich support- The new Pi 1 A + has rich audio support together packing of 4 pole Stereo outputs and Composite video port
  • Micro SD port- The SD card socket appeared friction-fit in previous Models have replaced here by a new Micro SD upgrade
  • Changed in size- Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ is smaller in size (65mm x 56mm) and packs a single USB port and no ethernet jack

Size comparison of A and A+

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Model A+ to Projects

As the most cost-efficient and power saving option in the Pi collection, Model A+ in Pi 1 has arrested a lot of fans. But as it has only a single USB port with no Ethernet jack, you can only user this in the right place. In fact, you must consider whether it consumes minimum power and need no Ethernet or multiple USB ports support as Pi 1 Model A+ contains several limitations to consider. So use with the stated of requirements and recommended in embedded projects for effective results.

Do you like to know about latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model? Maybe it is worth reading as there are certain situations you might experience a little fall off in the Pi 1 Model A+ functioning, especially as it consumes less power.

Video Review to Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+


Raspbian Install

Raspbian install is recommended to Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ just to as all other Pi Models. As it is the operating system designed especially for a fine flow in the Pi operations, we too recommend you to download Raspbian with NOOBS or with the image download via Windows, Mac or Linux.

With the cost, no more than £18, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A + comes to the user. If you were looking for a cost-effective option for the project you are heading, this would be a fine combination you would feel glad trying. So give it a try and write us your comments.

Raspberry Pi accessories

Raspberry Pi Accessories – Explained

Raspberry Pi accessories are really important when we are beginning work with Raspberry Pi devices. These additional modules and equipment plays a big role when we are setting up various Raspberry Pi based systems and projects. Some of the Raspberry Pi accessories can be considered as essentials to assure running conditions of Raspberry Pi based projects. Let’s begin the explanation regarding Raspberry Pi accessories.

Raspberry Pi Case.

Raspberry Pi Case

Finally, the official Raspberry Pi case has released to the public market. This case is made of high quality ABS plastics. Removable side panels of the case make easy access for connection with GPIO interface, Camera port and display connector. Power and activity LED indication lights are directed to the surface of the case using supplied light pipes. There is a variety of Raspberry Pi cases, but we recommend the official one. Easiness of use is not the only reason, the official design is handsome as well.

Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply

Raspbery Pi Power Supply

This is named as the official power supply for Raspberry Pi devices. Universal power supply has been tested with all Raspberry Pi models under different types of situations, however it works fine. Universal power supply is capable of supplying required 2A stable current to the raspberry Pi. This will be the most significant on out of Raspberry Pi accessories, without power no more work with raspberry Pi. Another important thing to mention, this power supply contains an interchangeable head, so you can use it with different types of wall outlet sockets. This power supply is protected from short circuits, over voltages and over current flow.

Technical Spec.

  • Failure rate: 50000 Hours MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failures)
  • 1.5 m long cable.
  • 1 year warranty.

Camera Module V2

Camera Module v2 Raspberry Pi

V2 Camera module was introduced on April 2016 as a replacement for the Raspberry Pi original camera module. This camera consist of a Sony 8-Megapixel camera.( Model : IMX 219). Previously the original camera sensor OmniVision (OV5647) 5-Megapixel camera module.

Camera module V2 is capable of capturing high definition videos and still images as well. This camera is compatible with all of the Raspberry Pi models and it communicates with the Raspberry Pi via CSI port. This module comes with a 15 cm long ribbon cable.It’s really easy for beginners to use, but this module offers a plenty of advanced support for various development such as time-lapse, slow motion captures and even for image processing based projects. Some camera effects can be implemented using bundled camera libraries of Raspbian.

You can use MMAL and V4L API to access the camera, you may also find a lot of different Pi Camera libraries created by 3rd party developers too.

Domestic household security systems, wildlife camera traps, videography and imaging projects are considered as most popular implementations that uses Camera Module V2, one of the best Raspberry Pi accessories.

Raspberry Pi USB WiFi Dongle.

Raspberry Pi accessories WiFi Dongle

This is the official WiFi dongle which is compatible with Raspberry Pi. Our tests proved this Raspberry Pi WiFi USB dongle is considerably better than other similar devices. This USB WiFi Dongle consist of a strong reception and connection is extremely reliable.

Technical Spec.

  • Chipset : BCM43143 (BroadCom)
  • Standard : 802.11b/g/n
  • Connection speed : 150Mbps maximum
  • Dimensions : 30x16x8mm (including USB jack)
  • Built-in support for Raspbian and NOOBS. (Can be used with NOOBS and Raspbian OS versions directly)

Sense Hat

Sense Hat Raspberry Pi accessories

Generally Sense Hat can be identified as an add-on board related to Raspberry Pi. Earlier it was specially developed focusing on Astro Pi mission and they have launched it to the international space stations on December 2015 and also this product is available for purchases on the public market. Sense Hat contains a 8 x 8 RGB LED matrix and a five button joystick. Also it contains following sensors as well.

  • Temperature sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer

Raspberry team has developed a Python library to access all the sensors and options on Sense Hat.

Introduction to Raspberry Pi Touch Display

7 inch Raspberry Pi Touch Display helps you to make small embedded projects and it also offers facilities for you to make all-in-one developments. Do you know? You can build a small tablet PC, interactive media unit or even an embedded control system using Raspberry Pi Touch Display. This display consist of a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and it is connected following an adapter board to control signals and manage power requirements. By integrating a Raspberry Pi and this display you can build a small tablet PC for less than 100 dollars.

Raspberry Pi Touch Display

It’s really easy to setup. You will need only two connections between Raspberry Pi Touch Display and Raspberry Pi. Once end of  the ribbon cable should be connected to Raspberry Pi’s DSI port and the other end to the 7″ Touch Display. DSI port is common all Raspberry Pi boards. The other connection is to power-up the display, power can be obtained via GPIO port of Raspberry Pi board.

This Touch Display panel supports up to 10 points of touch interactions, the best thing is Raspbian (Raspberry OS) is optimized and capable of handling touch interaction signal inputs from the touchscreen. Raspbian has a built-in on-screen keyboard, so you can get the maximum benefit of having Raspberry Pi Touch display without using any kind of a mouse or a keyboard.

Key Benefits of Raspberry Pi Touch Display.

  • Convert your Raspberry Pi in to a tablet PC, infotainment system or an embedded stand alone device.
  • Enhanced screen interaction and built in on-screen keyboard compatibility. (You will not need to us a keyboard or a pointing device to work when you are using the Raspberry Pi Touch Display.)
  • Easiness of building IoT ( Internet of Things) based visual interfacing projects such as monitoring systems, remote control systems and even visual communication systems.
  • Compatibility with upcoming touch ready Raspbian and other software versions. So, it will make programming and testing Raspberry Pi much more easier.

Technical Detail of Raspberry Pi Touch Display.

  • Product Dimensions : 194mm x 110mm x 20mm (Including standoffs)
  • Display Size : 155mm x 86mm
  • Display resolution : 800 x 480 (pixels)
  • 10 point Capacitive Touch.
  • Communicates via DSI port of Raspberry Pi.
  • Not compatible with previous Raspbian versions. (Download Latest Raspbian version to setup).

Please refer below video to find out more about Raspberry Pi Touch Display.


Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero – The Smallest Computer.

Raspberry Pi team always tries to offer a computer for a reduced price. Recently Raspberry team have brought down their price to 35 dollars with Raspberry Pi 3. But still they think about decreasing the cost even more because they always try to help people those have a great desire for programming and electronics. As a result of widening roads for new opportunities for more people on programming, now they have introduced their latest innovation Raspberry Pi Zero for a price of 5 dollars. If you are unable to afford 35$ for a Raspberry Pi 3, you can just start with a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Raspberry Pi Zero

This latest innovation from Raspberry will open doors to the first experience of your programming journey. All the credits goes to the Raspberry Team for designing an affordable Raspberry device for everyone around the world and special thanks to Mike Stimson for his great and successful effort of designing Raspberry Pi Zero.

Let’s have a look on Raspberry Pi Zero specification and hardware.

Raspberry Pi Zero Specifications.

  • A Broadcom BCM2835 SoC (Faster 40% than Raspberry Pi 1)
  • LPDDR2 SDRAM (512 MB)
  • External memory slot (micro-SD card slot)
  • A mini-HDMI socket compatible with a video output of 1080p60
  • Micro-USB sockets for data communication and power
  • An unpopulated 40-pin GPIO header (Pinout is similar to model A+/B+ and 2B/HAT – Compatible)
  • An unpopulated composite video and reset header
  • Smallest raspberry in size, (Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 5mm)

Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi Zero.

The smallest guy “Zero” comes with the Raspberry OS Raspbian. Raspbian is a free OS designed depending on Debian, though it depends on Debian it is extremely optimized for the hardware requirements of Raspberry Pi. It includes several utilities and packages which are really important when running Raspberry system. Also the Raspbian package includes some of our favorite apps such as Minecraft, Sonic Pi and Scratch.

See below video to setup your Raspberry Pi Zero.

Raspberry Pi 3

What is Raspberry Pi 3 – Complete Guide.

Raspberry Pi comes to the electrical and electronic market with a range of compacted computers. Approximately it consume the size of a credit card. But, due to input and output ports it consumes some more space than that. The current latest model of Raspberry Pi series is announced as Raspberry Pi 3 . It was released to the public on February 2016 and it carries a good combination of hardware and software. Raspberry Pi Foundation which was initiated in United Kingdom is the main body behind developing Raspberry Pi series. Raspberry Pi 3 is targeted to be sold for 35$. However this amazing single board computer is capable of providing a services of a general computer, media system, security or monitoring system, image processing system or even as a server. There are much more capabilities and possibilities that can be implemented with Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Specifications

  • Release date : February, 2016
  • Price : Approximately 35 USD
  • SOC-used (System-on-chip) : BCM 2837 (Broadcom)
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex – A53 (32 or 64 bit)
  • RAM : 1 GB running at 900 MHz ( LP DDR2)
  • Storage : External Micro SDHC Slot. (at least 4 GB needed to setup NOOB)
  • GPU : Broadcom VideoCore IV (300 MHz and 400 MHz)
  • Power Consumption : 800mA , (4.0W)

With the announcement of the latest Raspberry Pi 3 powered with  Broadcom 2837, they have introduced enhanced frequencies for GPU (Graphic processing unit). In previous versions of Raspberry Pie it was 250 MHz. But new version Pi 3 performs at 300 MHz on 3D  part and 400 MHz on Video part of GPU. Also the performance is really high because of the the GFLOP (Flop represents a single operation within one second in computing) compatibility of Raspberry Pi 3 BSM 2837 version and the original spec shows that this configuration is ready with 1080p HD video a well.

Raspberry Pi 3 Operating System.

Raspberry Pi 3 is compatible with different types of OS platforms including Linux, Windows and even for Android. Please refer below list.

  • Android (RTAndroid) Updated constantly
  • Linux – Angstrom
  • Linux –  Arch  ARM , No more image updates .
  • Chromium OS
  • Debian
  • Fedora ARM (Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 only.)
  • Fedberry  (Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 only.)
  • FreeBSD
  • Gentoo
  • IPFire
  • Kali Linux
  • LibreELEC
  • Meego MER + XBMC
  • Nard SDK  (For Embedded systems)
  • NetBSD
  • OpenELEC + XBMC
  • OpenWrt
  • OSMC , Open source
  • PiBang
  • QtonPi
  • Plan 9
  • Raspbian , a derivative of pure Debian
  • Raspbmc , is now OSMC
  • RaspBSD
  • RetroPie
  • Risc OS
  • Slackware ARM
  • SliTaz
  • Ubuntu Mate
  • Void Linux
  • Windows 10 IoT Core

Download El Capitan Installer

Download El Capitan Installer

Download El Capitan Installer

If you recently update your Mac OS will give the best benefits for further developing. El Capitan is the 11th operating system or one of the best ever Mac OS released by Apple Inc. In these days everyone tries to update their Mac device to get this Download El Capitan Installer easily. So this is the right place to get all the information about Download El Capitan Installer without any effort.


History of El Capitan Download

El Capitan latest version released on 30th of September in 2015 after several beta versions. With the release of El Capitan, makes Mac device user make a difference on your Mac device without any issues. Still, if you are working with downgrade Mac operating system time has come to change your mind to get El Capitan OS including more features.

Download El Capitan Installer

What’s in Download El Capitan Installer?

When designing this Mac operating system to the community the developer has given special attention to performance, stability, and security. So you can get a powerful process to your Mac device without any argument. You can get the best downloading process to your Mac device with download this El Capitan latest version.


What are the installation methods?


  • Clean Install on Empty Volume can install El Capitan OS on to an Empty volume while bootup from the existing startup drive. Here you may be ok with erasing your device data due to you are going to access for clean installation method without any previous OS.
  • Clean install on Startup Volume is recently used method will help you to download installer via creating a bootable USB. This USB Installer must have El Capitan Installer application which allows you to pass simple process without restoring. 

Key Features of Download El Capitan Installer


  1. Safari web browser will allow storing favorite sites and you can keep it active in the background.
  2. Mail will provide to add suggest events to the calendar, contacts, swipe gestures and etc. with help of those options you can easier your daily routine with a full screen with check your inbox as well.
  3. In this operating system, Apple Inc has been enhanced Spotlight feature more than Yosemite previous version. It helps to check out previous files, documents and etc you worked on last week.
  4. Split View interesting feature which allows you to snap two windows into place on your display using this way.


Will El Capitan run on your Mac computer?

If you Mac device has 2GB memory and 8GB device space and you must have iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Xserve device to continue your download process as well. Before you access to the installation process you have to make a full backup of your device data as well.


Where can you download Download El Capitan Installer?

Nothing to worry which means El Capitan official site available in the public for the user convenience. With help of using this official site, you can download the best matching installation method compatible with your device. You can download El Capitan to your device one of the best matching installation methods.

Is Download El Capitan Installer Free Service?


Answer is yes, no need pay money for use this downloading process. Therefore most of the people using the official site to download El Capitan OS to their Mac device. If you are waiting to get a free upgrade now you can do it via the El Capitan official site. Do not be hesitate to experience the best of this process with your Mac device.


A word about Download El Capitan Installer


As I think no more words to explain about this exciting El Capitan OS on your smart device. This whole article will help you to perform a different kind of tasks with Download El Capitan. Invite you to use this article to about El Capitan Installer furthermore for your convenience.