Introduction to Raspberry Pi Touch Display

7 inch Raspberry Pi Touch Display helps you to make small embedded projects and it also offers facilities for you to make all-in-one developments. Do you know? You can build a small tablet PC, interactive media unit or even an embedded control system using Raspberry Pi Touch Display. This display consist of a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and it is connected following an adapter board to control signals and manage power requirements. By integrating a Raspberry Pi and this display you can build a small tablet PC for less than 100 dollars.

Raspberry Pi Touch Display

It’s really easy to setup. You will need only two connections between Raspberry Pi Touch Display and Raspberry Pi. Once end of  the ribbon cable should be connected to Raspberry Pi’s DSI port and the other end to the 7″ Touch Display. DSI port is common all Raspberry Pi boards. The other connection is to power-up the display, power can be obtained via GPIO port of Raspberry Pi board.

This Touch Display panel supports up to 10 points of touch interactions, the best thing is Raspbian (Raspberry OS) is optimized and capable of handling touch interaction signal inputs from the touchscreen. Raspbian has a built-in on-screen keyboard, so you can get the maximum benefit of having Raspberry Pi Touch display without using any kind of a mouse or a keyboard.

Key Benefits of Raspberry Pi Touch Display.

  • Convert your Raspberry Pi in to a tablet PC, infotainment system or an embedded stand alone device.
  • Enhanced screen interaction and built in on-screen keyboard compatibility. (You will not need to us a keyboard or a pointing device to work when you are using the Raspberry Pi Touch Display.)
  • Easiness of building IoT ( Internet of Things) based visual interfacing projects such as monitoring systems, remote control systems and even visual communication systems.
  • Compatibility with upcoming touch ready Raspbian and other software versions. So, it will make programming and testing Raspberry Pi much more easier.

Technical Detail of Raspberry Pi Touch Display.

  • Product Dimensions : 194mm x 110mm x 20mm (Including standoffs)
  • Display Size : 155mm x 86mm
  • Display resolution : 800 x 480 (pixels)
  • 10 point Capacitive Touch.
  • Communicates via DSI port of Raspberry Pi.
  • Not compatible with previous Raspbian versions. (Download Latest Raspbian version to setup).

Please refer below video to find out more about Raspberry Pi Touch Display.