Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ for the Minimalist User

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ for the Minimalist User

Model A+ was introduced to Pi Generation as the low-cost variant. It came around November 2014, replacing the previous “A” model inheriting a number of attractive changes. It comes with an application processor of BCM2835 but in a smaller size with less power consumption. So in all side considering, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ can be recommended for the minimalist user with balanced features and affordable price too. If you feel interested in knowing all specifications of the product, read on.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Why Raspberry Pi 1 Model A +?

This Pi updated in “A” board has notable changes. In fact, it is less in power consuming yet with smart price level too. So the build of Raspberry Pi Model A + is to give the user a lighter effect at the same time which gives a fine support to the Pi operating system and software. So here I have picked some of the notable features in Pi 1 A+ Model, which would be important knowing to go on functioning. Take a quick look on these.

  • Balanced power consumption- As a favorable feature in the Model A+, Power consumption can be mentioned. In fact, it has balanced between 0.5W and 1W with the changes in linear regulators which can lead fine projects
  • GPIO improvements- The GPIO header of the Pi 1 Model A+ has built up to 40 pins when the pinout for the first 26 pins are in order of the Model A and B
  • Audio in rich support- The new Pi 1 A + has rich audio support together packing of 4 pole Stereo outputs and Composite video port
  • Micro SD port- The SD card socket appeared friction-fit in previous Models have replaced here by a new Micro SD upgrade
  • Changed in size- Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ is smaller in size (65mm x 56mm) and packs a single USB port and no ethernet jack

Size comparison of A and A+

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Model A+ to Projects

As the most cost-efficient and power saving option in the Pi collection, Model A+ in Pi 1 has arrested a lot of fans. But as it has only a single USB port with no Ethernet jack, you can only user this in the right place. In fact, you must consider whether it consumes minimum power and need no Ethernet or multiple USB ports support as Pi 1 Model A+ contains several limitations to consider. So use with the stated of requirements and recommended in embedded projects for effective results.

Do you like to know about latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model? Maybe it is worth reading as there are certain situations you might experience a little fall off in the Pi 1 Model A+ functioning, especially as it consumes less power.

Video Review to Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+


Raspbian Install

Raspbian install is recommended to Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ just to as all other Pi Models. As it is the operating system designed especially for a fine flow in the Pi operations, we too recommend you to download Raspbian with NOOBS or with the image download via Windows, Mac or Linux.

With the cost, no more than £18, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A + comes to the user. If you were looking for a cost-effective option for the project you are heading, this would be a fine combination you would feel glad trying. So give it a try and write us your comments.

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