Raspberry Pi accessories

Raspberry Pi Accessories – Explained

Raspberry Pi accessories are really important when we are beginning work with Raspberry Pi devices. These additional modules and equipment plays a big role when we are setting up various Raspberry Pi based systems and projects. Some of the Raspberry Pi accessories can be considered as essentials to assure running conditions of Raspberry Pi based projects. Let’s begin the explanation regarding Raspberry Pi accessories.

Raspberry Pi Case.

Raspberry Pi Case

Finally, the official Raspberry Pi case has released to the public market. This case is made of high quality ABS plastics. Removable side panels of the case make easy access for connection with GPIO interface, Camera port and display connector. Power and activity LED indication lights are directed to the surface of the case using supplied light pipes. There is a variety of Raspberry Pi cases, but we recommend the official one. Easiness of use is not the only reason, the official design is handsome as well.

Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply

Raspbery Pi Power Supply

This is named as the official power supply for Raspberry Pi devices. Universal power supply has been tested with all Raspberry Pi models under different types of situations, however it works fine. Universal power supply is capable of supplying required 2A stable current to the raspberry Pi. This will be the most significant on out of Raspberry Pi accessories, without power no more work with raspberry Pi. Another important thing to mention, this power supply contains an interchangeable head, so you can use it with different types of wall outlet sockets. This power supply is protected from short circuits, over voltages and over current flow.

Technical Spec.

  • Failure rate: 50000 Hours MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failures)
  • 1.5 m long cable.
  • 1 year warranty.

Camera Module V2

Camera Module v2 Raspberry Pi

V2 Camera module was introduced on April 2016 as a replacement for the Raspberry Pi original camera module. This camera consist of a Sony 8-Megapixel camera.( Model : IMX 219). Previously the original camera sensor OmniVision (OV5647) 5-Megapixel camera module.

Camera module V2 is capable of capturing high definition videos and still images as well. This camera is compatible with all of the Raspberry Pi models and it communicates with the Raspberry Pi via CSI port. This module comes with a 15 cm long ribbon cable.It’s really easy for beginners to use, but this module offers a plenty of advanced support for various development such as time-lapse, slow motion captures and even for image processing based projects. Some camera effects can be implemented using bundled camera libraries of Raspbian.

You can use MMAL and V4L API to access the camera, you may also find a lot of different Pi Camera libraries created by 3rd party developers too.

Domestic household security systems, wildlife camera traps, videography and imaging projects are considered as most popular implementations that uses Camera Module V2, one of the best Raspberry Pi accessories.

Raspberry Pi USB WiFi Dongle.

Raspberry Pi accessories WiFi Dongle

This is the official WiFi dongle which is compatible with Raspberry Pi. Our tests proved this Raspberry Pi WiFi USB dongle is considerably better than other similar devices. This USB WiFi Dongle consist of a strong reception and connection is extremely reliable.

Technical Spec.

  • Chipset : BCM43143 (BroadCom)
  • Standard : 802.11b/g/n
  • Connection speed : 150Mbps maximum
  • Dimensions : 30x16x8mm (including USB jack)
  • Built-in support for Raspbian and NOOBS. (Can be used with NOOBS and Raspbian OS versions directly)

Sense Hat

Sense Hat Raspberry Pi accessories

Generally Sense Hat can be identified as an add-on board related to Raspberry Pi. Earlier it was specially developed focusing on Astro Pi mission and they have launched it to the international space stations on December 2015 and also this product is available for purchases on the public market. Sense Hat contains a 8 x 8 RGB LED matrix and a five button joystick. Also it contains following sensors as well.

  • Temperature sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer

Raspberry team has developed a Python library to access all the sensors and options on Sense Hat.